Adding Multiple Custom 2FA User Accounts with the Same Username.

Problem: The AuthAnvil Authenticator app is removing duplicate Usernames that are not related to each other in any way.  

Workaround: Add custom 2FA User Accounts to our AAoD Authenticator.

These steps will allow the Authenticator App not to remove custom Accounts with the same Username. (for this example, we will use "Passportal" and "IT Glue" which both use the same username: ""):

1. Add your first custom 2FA Account, in this case, we added Passportal: ""


2. Edit the "" Passportal Account by swiping left on the Username.

3. Rename the Username "" to "username@example"

4. Add your second custom 2FA User Account for ITGlue: ""


5. Verify that both Accounts have been added - we can swipe left and edit the Passportal User Account "username@example" and switch it back to its original Username: "".

6. Now both custom 2FA User Accounts can coexist in the Authenticator App:


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