Traverse 9.5.38 - 29 March 2021

This Traverse 9.5.38 release includes new feature and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

IMPORTANT! At the beginning of this year, Traverse will no longer support the 9.4 version as will release a new 9.6 version. Be sure to update your instances to Traverse 9.5 version.

New Features

BMS Ticketing Integration

We are excited to launch a preview of our first Traverse to BMS integration!

In this preview, the integration allows you to use existing action profiles to automatically create tickets within BMS.

To enable or disable the integration, use the Superuser> Global config > Integration Settings page. Enabling this functionality requires specifying your BMS information including credentials.

Once enabled, this integration will be populated within the 'Notify Using' dropdown within your Action Profiles.

We know this was a heavily requested feature and ask that you keep an eye on upcoming Traverse releases as we plan to continue to expand this integration's capabilities.

For more information on Traverse to BMS integration, see Creating a Ticket in the BMS topic. 

User Interface: What`s New

Tired of referencing Traverse release notes outside of the product? We don't blame you.

We've now added a convenient "What's New" button so you can stay updated with our most recent releases!

The "What's New" button is designed to provide easy access to the latest Traverse Release Notes.  For more information, see Page Layout topic.

Bug Fixes

Test Results Collection

  • Fixed SnmpMonitor issues that prevented SNMP tests from pulling Test Result Collection.

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