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BMS Auth & Provision | Setting up IT Complete SSO login with PSA


IT Complete Single Sign-On enables users to logon to all their subscribed products using a single account. With IT Complete you can switch apps without having to separately login to it every time. Enabling IT Complete allows your users to log in to PSA using one Kaseya One account. 

This is currently an invite-only feature. Please reach out to your account managers for more information on this.


  1. IT Complete Master account
    • You will have to reach out to your Account manager if you don't have a Kaseya one account at this time. 
  2. BMS Admin account
  3. Passly app installed on your mobile
    • Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Duo, Twilio, Passly, FreeOTP, etc - Authenticators with 6-digit codes are supported.


  1. Navigate to Admin > My Company > Company Settings > IT Complete
  2. Log in with IT Complete, Switch the toggle button on.
  3. You will be redirected to the ITC  login page,  
  4. Use your master account and login to your IT Complete tenant. In Kaseya One, make sure the URL under Admin Settings > Module URLs tab > BMS and also under Name > Profile Settings > Module URLs tab is (for US region), (for UK region) or (for APAC region). 
    • IT Complete mandates 2FA setup. The supported apps are Passly and FreeOTP.





Note! If the Kaseya One tenant is already mapped to another PSA tenant, you will get the below error. You can only connect one PSA tenant to one Kaseya One tenant at a time.  mceclip1.png

Enable Log in with IT Complete for non-Admin users 

Once an Admin user enables IT Complete for a tenant, you can give your non-master/non-admin users access to enable the same on their logins.

  1. In your PSA, Navigate to My Settings
    •  Click on your name on the right of the top navigation bar
  2. Click on "Enable Login with IT Complete"
  3. You will be redirected to Kaseya One login.
  4. Enter your IT Complete username and password and 2FA OTP.
  5. This will lead you to the PSA home page.
  6. Click on My Settings , you should now see Disable Log in with IT Complete.
  7. You can logout and login using IT Complete for your next sessions. 



Disable Log in with IT Complete 

As an Admin

  1. To remove the link between your PSA tenant to Kaseya One tenant you will have to turn off this Integration.
  2. Navigate to Admin > My Company > Company Settings > IT Complete
  3. Log in with IT Complete, Switch the toggle button off.
  4. This will disable the connection between PSA and Kaseya One tenants. 

As an End-user

  1. To disassociate your user account with Kaseya one, Navigate to My Settings
  2. Click on Disable login with IT Complete.
  3. This will remove the link between your PSA user account and the Kaseya One user account. 

disable_login_with_ITC.png dis_2.png


  • Client portal users will not able to login with the IT Complete portal 
  • If a user account is linked between PSA and IT Complete user, it cannot be additionally used for another PSA user.
  • Attempting to login with inactive IT Complete user will be redirected to the default PSA login page. 


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