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This guide helps you setup your PSA to show ticket numbers in the email acknowledgment sent when a new ticket is created.


When your Client sends an email to your support mailbox, a new ticket is created. An acknowledgment for the new ticket is sent to your client from the PSA. We have built-in workflows that help you with this setup. The following rules are auto-shipped for any new tenant. You can activate or deactivate them based on your need.


Using Workflow rules

  • Navigate to Admin > Business Process > Workflow
  • Enable the built-in workflow rule Ticket Created Notify Client. 
  • This will trigger whenever a new ticket is created. 
  • The settings of this rule notifies the Ticket Contact, POC, and CC's when a new ticket is created.
  • This workflow uses the email template Ticket Created Notify Client found under Admin > Business Process > Email Templates. 


  • This email template will include the Ticket number field in the subject line and ticket tile and details in the content. 


  • Ensure that the email template you are using to notify your customer of the ticket has a ticket number field in the subject line.
    • #[%Ticket Number%]#


  • Both the workflow and email templates can be edited to add or remove and customize per your needs.
  • This workflow can be cloned and used for different setups.
  • All the parameters used in a workflow are detailed in this guide.

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