BMS Billing Review | Billing for closed tickets


This guide shows you how to bill only for time logged against closed tickets. Manual and automated billing are covered.

Manual Billing 

  1. Navigate to Finance > Billing review > Labour Hours.
  2. Filter based on Account, Tickets, Date, and Ticket status.mceclip0.png
  3. Select the desired billable items and post them, by clicking Post.
  4. Navigate to Billing.
  5. Selected your posted items and click Generate Invoice
  6. Navigate to Invoices.
  7. Check that the invoice contains the desired billable items.
  8. Repeat these steps for Expenses and Charges. 

Automated Billing

Use Billing Automation to bill all your closed ticket billable entries without manual intervention. 

  1. Navigate to Finance > Billing Automation.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a Name.
  4. Choose an Action Type. Billing consists of:
    • Post - Corresponds to Billing Review > Post action.
    • Post & Bill - Corresponds to Post, followed by Billing > Generate Invoice action.
    • Generate Invoice - Post & Bill followed by attaching the Invoice PDF to the invoice.
  5. Select a Billing Type, which is the type of billable items to automate.
  6. For Ticket Status, select Completed. 
  7. Set the Billable Items Date Range. See this guide for how.
  8. Set up a job schedule so the billing recurs at the specified interval. mceclip2.png



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