Traverse - Requesting a signature for a Windows (WMI) device with no MIBs


How can I request a signature for Windows (WMI) devices with no SNMP configurations or MIBs?


Signature requests for devices that have no SNMP configurations or MIBs are created based on WMI properties. 

To request a signature for such a device, follow the below steps.

Run the following two commands in PowerShell:

  • Command 1:

Get-Counter -ListSet * -ComputerName n.n.n.n | Sort-Object CounterSetName > updated-get-counter.txt

(where XYZ is the computer name/IP of the remote host)
  • Command 2:
Get-WmiObject -List -ComputerName n.n.n.n | format-list * > get-wmiobject.txt

(where XYZ is the computer name/IP of the remote host)


Please attach the output from both commands to your support ticket. 

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