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This guide will help you use the built-in reports using IT Glue data categories within the PSA reporting module. Expanding on the existing IT Glue integration we have hybrid reports where categories and fields are available to report on the IT Glue integrated data under ad hoc reporting System Reports > IT Glue. 


Note: This is currently only supported for IT Glue integrations on the US server, subdomain

IT Glue setup in PSA

  1. Navigate to Admin > My Company > IT Glue Settings.
  2. In the Enable IT Glue Integration section, select Yes.
  3. In the Subdomain section, enter your IT Glue subdomain. Then, select your server in the drop-down menu.
  4. Save your changes. Then, navigate to My Settings and click on your profile icon.
    • Open the Integrations tab.
    • Confirm the status says connected. 

Hybrid reports

All of the system reports are can only be customized after duplicating them to your custom folder. Refer to this guide for steps. Reports currently introduced are as below.

  1. Stale Passwords - This report shows your data of passwords that are older than 12 months for all your ITG organizations. The report contains the below columns in the output and a filter for less than or equal to on the updated date. The items are sorted by Org name and update date. 
      • My Glue 
      • Name
      • Category
      • Username
      • Url
      • Updated Date
  2. Aging Assets - This report shows you the assets which are older than a year in your org to help you identify and update them as needed. The report contains the below columns in the output and a filter on nonarchived entries and on purchase date for the last 12 months. The items are sorted by Org name and purchase date. 
      • Organization Name
      • Asset Tag
      • Install Date
      • Purchase Date
      • Status
      • Hostname
      • Primary IP
      • Manufacturer
      • Model
      • Operating System


You can also create new reports and use these categories and customize reports per your need. 


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