Traverse 9.5.34 - 4 January 2021

This Traverse 9.5.34 release includes enhancements and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

IMPORTANT! As the beginning of this year, Traverse will no longer support the 9.4 version as will release a new 9.6 version. Be sure to update your instances to Traverse 9.5 version.


UI Workflow/Usability

  • Updated '\apps\tomcat\conf\server.xml' to remove TLSv1.1 and weak ciphers.

Bug Fixes

Actions & Notification

  • Added an ability to filter tests by multiple action profiles.

Reports & Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where the Virtualization > report could not be open after downloading in .pdf format.

Network Config Management

  • Fixed some validation issues on Config MGMT > Settings > Schedule Discovery page.

  • Fixed an issue where Traverse was not able to provision tests containing "<" and ">" characters. Now the tags are transformed into "[" and "]".

UI Workflow/Usability

  • Fixed an issue where only the first 50 departments were displayed while adding a device on Administration > Devices > Add Device page. Now the value is increased up to 250 departments. 




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