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Traverse 9.5.33 - 14 December 2020

This Traverse 9.5.33 release includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

IMPORTANT! Starting the beginning of the next year, Traverse will no longer support the 9.4 version as will release a new 9.6 version. Be sure to update your instances to Traverse 9.5 version.

New Features

Cloud Monitoring: Azure Cloud Services Discovery and Monitoring

In this release, we added an ability to discover and monitor the Azure Cloud Services instances and tests. The following scope can be monitored now if the user subscription supports Microsoft.ClassicCompute resource provider:

  • Cloud Services (CPU Percentage​, Network In/Out​, Disk Read/Write Bytes/Operations​);
  • SQL Instances (CPU Percentage​, Data IO Percentage​, Storage Usage Percentage​, Successful Connections​, Failed Connections​, DTU Percentage​);
  • Virtual Machines (CPU Credits Consumed​, CPU Percentage​, Network In/Out​, Disk Read/Write Bytes/Operations​);
  • Load Balancers (Total Bytes​, Health Probe Status​, Packets Count​, SYN Count​, Data Path Availability).

If not - SQL Instances/Virtual Machines/Load Balancers will be discovered.

Note: To enable the new Azure monitoring feature, you must update your Traverse license. To obtain the required license update, please submit a request to technical support and update the license after the version upgrade.

For more information, see Cloud Discovery topic.

Security Vulnerability: Account Lockout

To enhance security, we added account lock for users. Traverse users will be locked for 60 seconds (by default) after 5 failed attempts to log in with invalid credentials or using invalid Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) codes. The number of failed attempts and lock time can be configured in the <Traverse>\etc\ file under the Configuration of login attempts section.


Database Backend  

  • This release, we added timestamps in cronjob.log for backup script. 

 Bug Fixes 

Actions & Notification 

  • Fixed Event Manager issue when suppressing the threshold violation event with a specific option
  • the wrong option returned on the Status page. 

 Network Config Management 

  • Fixed an issue where all departments could view the NCM backup information of all other departments.
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to save the scheduled discovery in the past with incorrect parameters.
  • Fixed an issue where Traverse could not provide a search in configs (NCM) via IP/hostname.

 Test Discovery/Parameter Rediscovery 

  • Fixed an issue where Traverse was not able to provision tests containing "<" and ">" characters. Now it transforms the tags into "[" and "]".
  • Fixed an issue where the Hand icon displayed the Web Transaction Test template instead of an error message when the Web Transaction Test failed to resolve.

Traverse VSA Module 

  • Fixed an issue where Live Connect Integration discovered the lightning bolt icons for devices without Live Connect and connected to different devices with the same IP.

UI Workflow/Usability 

  • Fixed Superuser Health issue where components were flapping between OK/Warning/Critical even all components were up and functioning correctly.
  • Added explicit information to the webapp/audit.log when a device is updated. 

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