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We have enhanced our quoting experience by combining products and services in one. Product and Service Quotes are displayed on the same list of views. The option to create quotations for your services and products is available under on tab of CRM called Quotes. The functionality to quote products and/or services can be done using this single tab.

This guide helps you understand the new features. The data dictionary of Quotations can be found here

Working with quotes

Creating Quotes


Navigate to CRM > Quotations > Quotes.

On the quotation info panel, you have the option to choose how to derive your quotation and contact details. Build your quote by filling up the Customer Info form.

Customer Info

  • By Opportunity
    • Choose from the list of opportunities created in CRM > Opportunities.
  • By CRM Account
    • Choose to create from an existing client created in CRM > Accounts
  • By Project
    • Choose your projects created in the Projects module

On the right-hand side, you will see the Quotation Details panel. Summary, Terms, and Custom fields are the tabs that are listed here.

  • Summary
    • The read-only fields are auto-generated and non-modifiable.
  • Terms
    • Define your Terms and conditions for the quotations for your Client. This can be pre-defined in Company settings under Admin > My Company > Company Settings > CRM > Quotation Terms and Conditions
  • Custom Fields
    • Any custom field defined for Quotations under Admin > My Company > Custom fields for CRM quotation module will be shown here.

Processing quotes

After you hit save on the quote creation page, you will have the following options available to process your quote.

  • Line items
    • Add your items for your quotation. Choose from the available options and fill all the fields and add the item.


  • Notes
  • Attachments tab

Quote Summary Toolbar

Summary Toolbar: Quotes now have a summary toolbar to help users understand their potential financial impact.

  • Total Cost: The sum of all the line item Unit Costs, displayed under the Service Items.
  • Discount: A sum of all the line item discounts and currency value.
  • Subtotal: Total minus the discount.
  • Tax: A percentage of the total cost present as a percentage and dollar value.
  • Total Price: The subtotal plus tax


Searching Quotes

The parameters to search for your quotes are listed here.  to list your searched quotes will be seen here.

Listing Quotes

When a list of quotes is displayed the quoting fields will be available as column data for the listing. By default, the expiry date is set for a 90 days period which can be modified if needed. 

TTC stands for Toutes Taxes Comprises (in french) it means all taxes included. The total taxes in bill calculate in one total is called TTC


Sales orders

When converting a quotation to a sales order, Generate quotation > Accept quotation > Convert to Sales order product items, free items, and charges are also taken into the sales order from the quote.

Free items and Quickbooks

When exporting invoices that contain free items, you will have to set a default income and expense account in your Quickbooks connector or the setup page in PSA for Quickbooks Online. Once this is set if the free item is already present in your Quickbooks it will be mapped during the export. If the free item doesn't exist in your Quickbooks, the item will be created with the default accounts set in connector settings. 


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