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When generating reports for the service desk module, the categories that contain date and time like Tickets.Created on and Tickets.Completed Date the hours are different from what I see in the UI or in the audit.


The date and time fields in the report are all by default in UTC. This is because we have branches and each branch is in a different timezone. On the UI they are converted to the end-user timezone. In order to get the same result, you need to modify the report and use a formula to convert it from UTC to your timezone. Exago function should be used to add the offset to the UTC time.

The DateAdd exago function needs to be used. You can add them to the cell layout or double click or right-click on the column to insert a formula.

For example use DateAdd('h', +2, {Tickets.Created On}) if you are in Italy. 


If you only see the date in your output, format the cell to show the date and time by following this guide

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