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About PSA

This article provides you with collective information on common questions about PSA. PSA system is cloud-based and is hosted on four different servers based on geo locations and your product subscription. Below are our PSA servers. 

  1. US server
  2. UK server
  3. APAC server
  4. Vorex (Vorex is generic and is hosted on a US server) 

IP addresses are as follows: 



PSA has inbuilt integration with the following platforms. 

We have open API options to connect with other applications. Our consumers use bearer tokens to authenticate and set up various integrations. Our Rest API guide helps you with generating keys and identifying objects. Here's a link to our TAP integrations. 


  • BMS IIS Server backed up once a month – usually when there is a new release.
  • BMS SQL Server backed up daily. 10-day retention, in addition - 1 week and 1 month of last Full backups are retained.
  • BMS Databases, daily backup. 10-day retention, in addition - 1 week and 1 month of last Full backups are retained.
  • BMS Storage Server, daily backup. 10-day retention, in addition - 1 week and 1 month of last Full backups are retained.
  • Weekly Full and Monthly Full backups are replicated to Unitrends Cloud.


All the data in the database is audited, all the changes done in a tenant in the PSA are logged. Our database team can provide you with the data that needs to be recovered. We cannot restore anything that was accidentally deleted. We have a restore option on the whole database for PSA as disaster recovery but not a row-level restore.

Data Export

All of your company's data on a UI and database level is accessible via our reporting module. You can create reports and export them. We also provide you with inbuilt system reports which can be cloned and modified for your use. 


We have the facility to import data using the Import feature in the software. Module-specific templates are available and data is supported in excel formats. 


  • Our system is cloud-based and the data is stored on different products like Azure, AWS, private, etc.
  • Kaseya’s datacenter, the drives are encrypted at rest.
  • Our Security Audits are done and the SOC2T2 report can be requested under security NDA with help from your Account managers. 

Data migration

If you are migrating from a different platform we support data import. Other systems usually are imported through manual excel sheets. We support any platform that allows API's to download the data like Connectwise or Autotask. 
For Tigerpaw we require a full DB backup from you as Tigerpaw has no APIs that we can use to download the data.


Our feature and patch releases are typically planned for 30 days. Each sprint lasts for tentatively a month or more. Every release is followed by release notes and guides updated in this section. 

Support and Feature Requests

We have support teams that can be reached over the phone, chat, or ticket for any issues or queries about your PSA. Chat and phone options are available on the product and helpdesk page. You will have to be logged in to your profile on our helpdesk platform. 

The community page is where our customers file feature requests. These are actively monitored by the product owners. 

Knowledge base

Our module and feature guides are documented in our helpdesk. You can navigate via our landing page, Google search, or manual search in our helpdesk.


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