Traverse 9.5.32 - 23 November 2020

This Traverse 9.5.32 release includes enhancements and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

IMPORTANT! Starting the beginning of the next year, Traverse will no longer support the 9.4 version as will release a new 9.6 version. Be sure to update your agents to Traverse 9.5 version.


Mib Browser

  • Removed MIB browser flash module from Traverse. Renamed Beta HTML MIB browser module to MIB browser.

Network Config Management

  • Removed NCM flash module from Traverse. Renamed Beta Config MGMT module to Config MGMT. 

Bug Fixes

Actions & Notification

  • Fixed an issue where several DGEx's with the same IP addresses were added and one of them was down several notifications were sent instead of one.

API & Plug-In Framework

  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to use container.create to create test container dynamically based on a test-related rule.

Generic Issue

  • Fixed an issue where Process Collecting did not support SNMPV3 AES.

Linked/Static Templates

  • Fixed an issue where created Master Linked Template was available to other Departments.

Network Config Management

  • Fixed an issue where NCM Inventory Report did not return data if more than 412 devices were selected.
  • Fixed minor UI issues in Config MGMT module.

Permissions/Security Model

  • Fixed an issue where ReadOnly users were not able to change their user preferences.
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin Class user was not able to disable NCM.

Runtime/Operational Issue

  • Fixed an issue with displaying incorrect Time Offset values on the Superuser > Health tab.

Reports & Dashboard

  • Removed Device Name filter as redundant from the Virtualization report.

Test Discovery/Parameter Rediscovery

  • Fixed an issue where set incorrect maximum value for the non-heap memory caused the UNKNOWN test. The non-heap memory test is hidden from UI as there is no top limit for it. The user is unable to see it until the maximum value was set manually in the configs.
  • Fixed an issue where Traverse could not discover Monitor Queue Size (Sql_valueMonitor).

Test Result Collection

  • Fixed an issue where Traverse could not store the 64-bit counter in signed storage.

UI Workflow/Usability

  • Fixed an issue where Traverse loaded incorrect initial page after login.


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