BMS QuickBooks | Invoice export from PSA to QuickBooks fails with validation exception: Invalid content error.


When exporting invoices to QuickBooks, the export fails with error: "Failed to be exported to QuickBooks. Error: 974003 : Invalid Data - Export Customer failed."

Error message:

Invoice - XXX  - Failed to be exported to Quickbooks. Error 974003: Invalid Data - Export Customer 'Account name' failed due to these errors - BadRequest - Validation Exception was thrown.Details: :QueryParserError: Invalid content. Lexical error at line 1, column 64. Encountered: "\u200b" (8203)


\u200b is a "zero-width-space" in Unicode. This character is intended for invisible word separation and for line break control. If this error is seen when exporting a customer, the account name has an invisible space in it. 


    • Navigate to CRM > Accounts > Selected account.
    • Clear the name completely, give it a temporary name and Save.
    • Re-type the correct name back in manually. Save
    • Export the invoice again.

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