Traverse 9.5.30 -12 October 2020

This Traverse 9.5.30 release includes new feature and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

IMPORTANT! Beginning in the release of 9.5.32, current Flash-based versions of Config Management and  Mib browser modules will be deprecated and replaced with stable HTML versions that are available in beta now.

New Feature

  • Upgraded the Traverse Flow Collector to support SFlow. 

Bug Fixes

Actions & Notification

  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to remove the admin group action profile from a test.

UI Workflow/Usability

  • Fixed an issue with wiping the provDB after Traverse upgrading from an old version to a new one.

Reports & Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue where the "Saved Message Event" report did not appear in Scheduled reports dropdown.

Runtime/Operational Issue

  • Fixed an issue where the DGE component initialization required over 30 minutes to complete.

Network Flow Analysis

  • Fixed an issue where the Netflow data collector service  did not work on Linux servers.

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