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Fusion is the future of IT on mobile. With the addition of IT Glue, the Fusion mobile app becomes the first comprehensive technician workflow tool on the market. Switching between your different tools is hard enough at the office, but on-the-go it becomes even more difficult.

With Fusion, you can access your key BMS, VSA, and IT Glue information easily. This powerful tool combination helps with site visits, as it allows you to view tickets imported from BMS as well as endpoint & alarm information from VSA. With the addition of IT Glue, you can now see Organization details like Important Contacts, Locations, and Wi-Fi Passwords in one unified dashboard. This functionality also introduces organization-specific tabs to view your BMS Tickets, Projects, and Quotes contextually.

This guide will help you set up the Organization Dashboard in your Fusion account.


  • The Fusion app downloaded on your mobile device. It’s available on the Apple Store & Google Play Store
  • An active BMS account
  • An active IT Glue account
Note: For this integration of IT Glue into Fusion, the mobile app has adopted the term 'Organization' from IT Glue to refer to your client's company instead of the word 'Account' as seen in BMS. 


Accessing the Organization Dashboard

  • Log in to your Fusion account
  • Click the icon in the upper left corner of the app
  • Select the icon at the top to land on the Organizations page














Organizations List

Note: Your device's Location Services must be active in order to use the geographical location functionality.

If you are in close proximity to any of your clients, the closest one will be automatically suggested to you based on your geographic location. The location functionality also allows you to see a list of other nearby clients, improving routing efficiency. If you are not close to any of your clients, a list of all your IT Glue organizations will be displayed. 














Organization Dashboard

After selecting an organization, a dashboard displays a consolidated view of your most important client information.

  • Locations: You can click on any location to see directions on your phone’s map app.
  • Wi-Fi Password: You can link a site’s Wi-Fi Password by tagging it as a related item to your organization’s Primary Location in IT Glue. This way you can quickly access the Wi-Fi password when you arrive on site.
  • Quick Notes: View your organization’s Quick Notes on the dashboard to ensure you are up to date with the most pertinent information.
  • Important Contacts: Your Important Contacts in IT Glue are any starred contacts that you have in this organization.














Contextual BMS Information

On the following tab, you can see any open Tickets pertaining to the organization right within the dashboard. If you want to dive deeper into Tickets, you can manage them in-depth, as you would on the Service Desk view. Any open Quotes and Projects will also be available on the dashboard for quick access to information that might be valuable during a site visit.

This way, if your on-site technician arrives to service a particular ticket, they can address other open issues at the same time. This can positively influence customer satisfaction and allows your on-site technicians to reduce travel times by consolidating trips.

Note: You will not be able to view contextual Tickets, Projects, and Quotes for organizations that are not syncing 2-way with a BMS account. 
  • Tickets: Work on your tickets as you would in the main Ticketing area but now in the context of one organization. You can consume the high-level information on the list view and dive deeper into each ticket as you see fit. Tickets created most recently will display at the top for your convenience and you can toggle between Open and Closed tickets.
  • Projects: View any Projects with the status “Open” pertaining to a single organization. Projects are currently in read-only mode.
  • Quotes: Get the latest information on any outstanding active Service Quotes in a read-only mode.

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