BMS QuickBooks | Invoice export from PSA to QuickBooks fails with memorized transaction error


When exporting invoices to QuickBooks, the export fails with error code 974003.

Error message:

Invoice - XXX  - Failed to be exported to Quickbooks. Error 974003: Invalid Data - Export Item 'Item name' failed due to these errors - BadRequest - Validation Exception was thrown.Details: Business Validation Error: Do you also want to update memorized sales transactions to use the new values?


Memorized transactions also known as recurring transactions in Quickbooks allows users to save a template of repeatedly used transactions. You can memorize invoices, sales orders, receipts, etc. This is found under Settings> Lists > Recurring Transactions.
When you create an invoice where something is changed, Quickbooks will ask you if you want to update the memorized transaction, ie the template on your Quickbooks too. PSA will try to sync this item while exporting the invoice and gets a business error from Quickbooks. This is applicable to any platform that uses APIs to integrate with Quickbooks.


  1. Update item in PSA
    • Navigate to BMS > Quickbooks > Setup > Import > Items
    • Select "Item name" from the items list, if it is not listed search for it manually, Click Next.
    • Select the "Item type" as import target
    • Import
  2. Update item in Quickbooks
    • Open the item in Quickbooks and update the item
    • Try to export the invoice again.

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