Example of Use Cases for BMS's Client Portal Access from VSA Agent Icon.

This article will help with different scenarios based on use cases for the BMS Client Portal accessed from the VSA Agent Icon.

For initial setup and configuration refer to this Article.

Scenario 1: I have a Client Portal Contact that is already registered in BMS. 

- I installed the agent or already have an agent in the VSA which is synced successfully to BMS.

- I navigate to Service Desk > Asset Management > Hardware Assets and open the synced asset. 

- I select and associate my contact that has a client portal access for this asset then save the asset. 

Prerequisite: Account and Location are needed to be the same in CRM and Asset. Edit them to match if they are not: 

Output should be:

Scenario 2: I have a Client Portal Contact already registered in BMS, will it create a duplicate contact?

- In here, it will not allow us to create a duplicate contact as the username and email fields will have to be unique. Example errors: Username/Email should be unique.

Solution: Attach contact to the asset as mentioned above in Scenario 1.

Scenario 3: I have no Client Portal Contact in BMS:

- I will use the onboarding form by choosing Contact Administrator and fill out the form this will attach my contact to the asset:


Scenario 4: I have no Client Portal Contact in BMS but I have a contact associated with an agent in VSA.

- Contacts in the VSA are associated from: Agent > Configure Agents > Edit Profile. When I hit Contact Administrator from the agent icon, the data will be automatically pulled and I will only have to now register to create the association in BMS:

Note: Additionally, if the user account was created in BMS and it needs any edits, the end user can do it under Settings > My Profile:

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