Traverse 9.5.28 - 31 August 2020

This Traverse 9.5.28 release includes new feature and bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

New Feature

This release we happy to announce the new Two-factor Authentication feature, to provide the additional authentication factors, to increase the security of logging into the product, and to greatly reduce the risk of unauthorized access. To log in to Traverse using 2FA, the user must enter their username/password credentials and a Time-based, One-Time Password (TOTP). TOTP is an authorization code generated by an Authenticator application and is valid for a limited time. This release supports these Authenticator applications:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Passly Authenticator

For details on using Multi-factor Authentication, see Two-Factor Authentication guide. 

Bug Fixes

Network Config Management

  • Fixed an issue where running multiple back ups made a single device stuck in the "Running" state.
  • Fixed an issue with loading "Beta HTML Config Mgmt" module in IE and MS Edge browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where NCM compare function in windows based Traverse displayed all the lines as unique.

Traverse VSA Module

  • Fixed integration with the Traverse module in VSA issue.

Reports & Dashboard

  • Fixed availability report issue with calculating the duration period for tests whose results depend on previous runs.

Test Result Collection

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to update bulk composite test.
  • Added extend logging to VMWareConnector.

Generic Issue

  • Fixed an issue with  permitting to add discrete values in automation profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where MIB browser did not support the AES encryption (SNMPv3). Added to HTML5 MIB Browser only.

Runtime/Operational Issue

  • Fixed an issue with reconnecting secondary webapp services after primary BVE server was restarted.
  • Fixed an issue on the DGE health page affecting remote extensions that had same IP address in different network locations.





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