How to use the Kaseya Agent icon > Contact Administrator option to launch the BMS portal.

Question: How do I enable and use this new feature which was added in BMS 4.0.13:

"Added the ability to launch BMS Portal and submit ticket requests from VSA Agents Menu."

Answer: See below: 

  • First you must integrate your VSA with BMS using the Kaseya v2 integration type see here: 
    1. "Enable RMM Integration" = Enable
    2. "Enable VSA Client Portal Access" = Yes


Note: Here is a more detailed guide on how to set up this integration:



  • Once you are on this module, navigate to Agent > Configure Agents > Agent Menu
  • Set up a dynamic link to BMS where the ticket details will be provided - ensure that "Contact Administrator..." is enabled:


  • Next, you will add the following link in the "User Logon page" field while changing the company name part of the link (seen below):"Company+Name"&agentguid=<guid>&machineid=<mid>&groupid=<gid>

Note: Use the + sign to denote spaces. I.e., if your Company Name you use to log in to BMS is "Test Company", the link would look like:<guid>&machineid=<mid>&groupid=<gid> 


  • After you have filled out this field, click the Update button which will then change the modified agents to a red color, this is to ensure that the agent has been updated: 




 Note: Clicking this option should now launch the below on boarding page:  


  • From here, go ahead and fill out this information which should on-board you as a new contact in BMS unless you already exist and are linked to the machine. 
  • From this point forward you should see the following page when launching the portal from the agent: 


Note: It is also worth noting that the first account that is made on agent will be the account that is linked to the computer regardless of who logs in.

For example use cases, refer to this article

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