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With RMM integration with PSA and VSA, you will also be able to utilize the features to run agent procedures for an asset from PSA. This guide details the setup and configuration for the Agent procedures for an active RMM VSA PSA integration. Once you have successfully set up your RMM connection, you can enable this feature in workflows to execute Agent Procedures from PSA. 


  • Active RMM Integration between PSA and VSA
  • Agent procedures shared with the RMM Integrator user in VSA. mceclip7.png


Navigate to Workflows > Agent Procedures tab. Here, you can create workflows and have your Agent Procedures run on the referenced assets in a ticket.

  • Enable Ticket Activity: When the workflow is run an internal note will be added with the following data.
    • Agent procedure (name of the procedure triggered from the workflow)
    • Asset Name (Asset added to the ticket)
    • Workflow name (Triggered workflow)
    • Link to see the agent procedure logmceclip5.png

      Note: VSA API limits us to filter assets. So, the logs are from the latest logs of any AP's run in the VSA.

  • Active: Controls if the procedure will be run against an agent or not. 
  • Select the Agent Procedure to Run: a drop-down of all the listed agent procedures from VSA will be listed here. 
  • Show Log: Details the actions that were run during this activity. mceclip0.png


  • Agent procedure run logs can be seen in the Ticket Audit logs and Admin logs.
  • Admin > Logs > Agent Procedure Runs



  • Clicking on more will open a new page that contains more details about Agent Procedure, Status, Admin, Last Execution.


  • Agent procedures listed in the private/shared folder of the integrator username VSA login will be seen in the drop-down for workflow setup.
  • Procedures present in other user accounts have to be shared with this integrator user.
  • System Agent procedures will have to be moved or shared with the integrator user. 


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