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Traverse 9.5.26 - 20 July 2020

This Traverse 9.5.26 release includes bug fixes. See the topics below for details.

Bug Fixes

Content: Event Processing Rules

  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to view/edit Windows Event Rules after they navigated to other pages and returned back.

Generic Issue

  • Fixed an issue where new files were not shared to remote DGEX by filesync server after the large file discarded.

Runtime/Operational Issue

  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to see data under the Process List tab on Device Summary page when the process monitor was enabled on the device using local SNMP v3 credentials. This fix is not supported for AES encryption.
  • Fixed an issue where dropbear key files were missing from the installer log file after Windows BVE/DGE upgraded.

Reports & Dashboard

  • Fixed duration time range issue in Reports>Custom> Availability Report. This issue has been fixed for all tests except for tests whose results depend on the previous run.
  • Fixed an issue where the network availability report was running for all devices in the department instead of the devices in the selected container.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect calculation of the Uptime and Availability % values for script tests in Reports>Custom> Availability Report.


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