Product import fails when using Import data function.

Issue: Sometimes import fails when importing products to BMS using Admin > Import data 

Error message: Products Product Name is required! Products Product Number is required! blobid0.png

Fix: When you copy-paste or import data from databases or other file formats, the column formats get modified. To fix this make use of  Text to Columns in excel and re-try the import.  

Select a Column to convert. On the Data tab, click Text to Columns. This opens the Convert Text to columns Wizard. Choose the following options. 

Step 1: Select Delimited, Click Next 

Step 2: Select Tab as the delimiter, Click Next 

Step 3:  In Column data format, select Text. Click Finish  

 Use the above steps in the following columns before attempting to import the products again.

Product Name Product Number Product UPC SKU Vendor Part number


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