BMS Business Process | Workflows | Best practices to set up idle workflows to be triggered in BMS

Question: What are the best practices to ensure time-dependent workflows (i.e.: idle for x hours), trigger correctly in BMS?


  • It should not have any "Created by" or "Updated by" events in the Triggers tab:

  • Ensure SLA’s are associated correctly.
  • If a Ticket does not have any attached SLA, the idle time will be tracked on a 24/7 basis.
  • Idle state timer resets once a ticket is touched or updated in any sort. A ticket untouched would mean the following:
    • No Actual Update and Save happened on the Ticket.
    • No Activity Added.
    • No Time Entry Added.
  • You can still open the Ticket, and click on it, this will not affect the Idle Time.
  • If you still have issues triggering a workflow with Idle hours please contact Kaseya Support

Note: Idle Workflows will not work on Trial Accounts.

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