QuoteWerks Integration Setup

As of QuoteWerks Version 5.5 Build 5.07, QuoteWerks offers a native integration with BMS. This integration supersedes the QuoteWerks Connector plugin built by Kaseya. You may continue to use the plugin, however, we will not be maintaining feature parity, and so we recommend that you migrate.

Key Features

The QuoteWerks integration enables you to:

  • Build QuoteWerks quotes using BMS contacts.
  • Automatically create a corresponding BMS opportunity.
  • Push the QuoteWerks quote into BMS and relate it to the opportunity.
  • Automatically update the BMS opportunity and quote when the QuoteWerks quote converts.
  • Pushes items from other product data sources into BMS, including recurring services.
  • Allows you to quote BMS products and services.
  • Schedule follow-up activities in Kaseya BMS for your quotes
  • Attaches PDFs to the BMS opportunity so users without QuoteWerks can view quotes.

For more, see QuoteWerks Integrates with Kaseya BMS, on the QuoteWerks website.

Setup and Usage


 Recommended Settings

  • Ensure that all mappings are complete under Contacts > Contact Manager Setup > Kaseya BMS setup.
    • Completion of Sales Opportunity - If you select  the '...converting to order' option, BMS is not updated when a quote is converted to an invoice. Ensure that your business process matches your selection so that you always benefit from automatic updates.
    • Products > Mappings > Product Types - Ensure that any services you define in QuoteWerks have an Item Type that is mapped here. Then set your default Item Type to 'Product'.

Integration Notes

  • The integration requires you to create a corresponding BMS opportunity. 
  • BMS opportunities and quotes are orphaned if the QuoteWerks quote is deleted.
  • Edits to opportunities and quotes in BMS may be overwritten by QuoteWerks.
  • The .dtf file that is attached to opportunities is a link that can open the quote in QuoteWerks Desktop.




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