Traverse 9.5.22 - 29 April 2020

The Traverse 9.5.22 release includes new feature and enhancements. See the topics below for details.

New Feature

UI Workflow/Usability

A new toggle feature to provide and restrict access to the 'Beta HTML MIB browser' for tenant users was added under Administration>User class>Privileges>Technical Preview setting section. This option is off by default. Once the radio button set to 'On', users are able to see menu option for 'Beta HTML MIB Browser', for example navigate to Status> Devices> Device status option (see screenshot below). For Superusers and Admins users 'Beta HTML MIB browser' option is always set to 'On'.




UI Workflow/Usability

  • Implemented a new HTML5 version of MIB browser. A new version of MIB browser can be used alongside with Flash version. Navigate to Administration>User class>Privileges>Technical Preview setting section to turn on/off the 'Beta HTML MIB browser' option.

Network Flow Analysis



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