BMS QuickBooks Desktop | Sync is not pulling anything from QuickBooks

Problem: Kaseya's BMS QuickBooks Desktop Sync is not pulling anything from QuickBooks. 

Cause: There could be many reasons for this and among that one is not having the proper administrative credentials. 


  • Check to see if the credentials which you are trying to log to the BMS Sync tool have administrative rights:

  • Administrative credentials provided must have below special feature assigned to the security role type:

  • Navigate to Edit > Preferences in QuickBooks desktop and check the Third Party Access tab; here you will receive several messages indicating that your account lacks sufficient privileges to make changes here.
  • Change to the "Admin" user and switch to a single-user mode and then try the sync again.

Note: Look for an Application Certificate window displayed elsewhere on your system. The window is asking you to confirm Quickbooks Sync Tool access to Quickbooks Desktop:

  1. Select "Yes" whenever the Quickbooks company file is an open option
  2. Click "Continue"
  3. Confirm what the proceed message box displays
  4. Click "Yes".


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