Welcome to Passly!



Welcome to Passly! 

AuthAnvil is being renamed Passly. What does this mean to you?  

Today, IT professionals face the daunting task of providing secure access to highly distributed and increasingly mobile-first population.  As we face this new reality and a new way of “doing business,” we also face cybersecurity threats that are growing at an exponential rate.  To meet these new challenges, we'll be rolling out new features in AuthAnvil anrenaming the product in order to better reflect the expansion of its capabilities. 

We chose a simple name change to Passly to emphasize our upcoming functionality, which you will automatically receive at no chargePassly expands the platform beyond simply 2FA and SSO and demonstrates our commitment to a platform that is Easy, Simple, and Intuitive. The name represents our evolution toward a larger Digital Risk Protection Platform.   

What Actions Do Customers Need to Take? 

Customers do not have to take any actions - the update will roll out this week and will be seamless to all users. 

What will change? 

There are no changes to the functionality or how you use the product today and you are not required to take any action.  You will notice that the portal will be rebranded as Passly and that welcome emails to new users will come from the @passly.com domain.  Both the existing @authanvil.com and the new @passly.com domains will function for all URLs that you already use. 

What stays the same? 

All functionality remains the same. There’s no need to do anything with your existing licenses or subscriptions. 

What New Functionality is Coming? 

We will be rolling out new functionality in the product you use today.  All functionality will be included in your existing subscription; there are no additional charges.   

Dark Web Summary – Passly will provide visual notification of the number of compromised accounts within an organization that is leveraging the product. 

In-app Notification Tool – We want to give you better visibility into release updates, coming soon features and product help. 

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing additional functionality including: 

First, to expand the capabilities of the product, we’ll be launching a new feature to provide you with a Password Vault within the product.  For those not using this functionality today, we will be enabling it in your account by May 2nd. 

Deeper Dark Web Integration – For those using ID Agents Dark Web ID Productfor any Passly users who have compromised credentials found on the Dark Web, we will automatically force “Require Password Reset on Next Login” to automate protecting users and password resets. 

Mobile App & Browser Extension – This brings SSO directly to end users mobile devices and web browsers so they can automatically log in to their existing applications using secure passwords they have stored directly through their browser or mobile device!  


We are excited about new features and functionality that will be rolling out as we build towards a complete Digital Risk Management Platform and help you get more out of the product you already use.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or Support.   



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