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How do I view VSA agent procedures in BMS? 


In order to view and run VSA agent procedures within BMS, to take advantage of our new feature in BMS (v4.0.31) - 28 March 2020, there are certain permissions that must be set to the shared folder in the VSA. 

BMS uses the 'integrator' VSA user to authenticate with VSA to retrieve the list of APs via the VSA REST API.  The 'integrator' user is typically defined with a master or system role granting access to all APs under shared folders by default.  While the 'integrator' user can see and execute the APs in shared folders via the VSA web UI, on some VSAs (not all), explicit permissions are required to expose the APs via the VSA API. Here is an example of the explicit permissions to work around the issue:

'Integrator' user in BMS:


This is the AP pick list in BMS:


In VSA, the folder must be shared to the 'integrator' user by name or by role:


Folders that are visible in the Web UI, but that are not explicitly shared may not show up in BMS:


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