How to Set Up Billing in Unigma


How do I set up billing in Unigma?


To set up billing in Unigma, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the Report -> Billing on the main menu


2. Fill the Customer Setup step. On this step you map Unigma customers to your cloud customers, one to one. To bill a customer, create a Unigma customer under Settings:


Then go back to theReport -> Billing and click Set Up nearby the customer on the Customer
Setup step:


Account Type can be Microsoft CSP or Amazon.

To set up Microsoft CSP customer, you should configure the Microsoft CSP Partner Center under Settings -> Customer/Projects -> Edit any customer. Then you'll be able to select one of your CSP customers below:


For Amazon you should select your payer account first:


Following the wizard, you'll be able to set up markups, tax item and to add custom line items to bill your customer.

3. Go to the 2nd step called Billing Setup and click the Setup new bill button. You can select day of a month and add several customers to the billing setup. To be sure your invoices will be generated on the date selected, please review also the article How Do I Know What Day Billing Occurs in AWS and Microsoft PartnerCenter

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