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Why does the initial workflow not trigger for unknown tickets?


When a new ticket is moved from Unknown Tickets it's not considered a new ticket, which is why the Ticket Created workflow does not trigger. 

From here, you can set up these workflows to send out notifications to tickets which were moved from the "Unknown Queue" - you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new Queue called Unknown Ticket from Admin > Service Desk > Queues

Step 2: Create and save Workflow 1 as set up in the screenshots below.

  • This workflow will move an Unknown Ticket into the Unknown Ticket queue. It will still show up in Unknown Tickets where you can add the Account and Contact. Do not move this from Unknown Tickets queue when you update the Account and Contact.




Step 3: Create Workflow 2  as set up in the screenshots below:

  • This workflow will move the ticket from Unknown Queue to the default support queue in Service Desk.


Updates: Moves this to your default support queue.


Notifications: Sends notification.


Note: Save these workflows and ensure they are marked Active for this to be implemented.

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