Adding new Office 365 Users Post Federation

AuthAnvil On-Demand supports the use of Office 365 via SAML Federation. For more information please check out the links on the of this article.

If you have added the SAML Federated SAML App and need to onboard a new user to AuthAnvil & Office 365, here is the work-flow.

  1. Login to your AuthAnvil On-Demand Tenant via https://(your company) as an Administrator or Directory Manager.
  2. Create a new user in Directory Manager.
    Manually set the user a temporary password, their account should be set to require a password change on their login.
    Provide that username/password to the user. Mark the password as being required to change.
    Note: If you are using the AuthAnvil Active Directory Sync Agent simply add the new user an OU you are syncing and manually set the fist password in Active Directory. Additionally do not force the user to change passwords until after they can access their mailbox.
  3. Manually set the user to Provisioned status.
    Note: Users in Created / Disabled are blocked from logging in.
  4. Direct the user to navigate in IE/Chrome to https://(your company)
  5. Users will log in using the username/password combination that was provided above and will be required to set up their AuthAnvil Authenticator.
  6. Once the user has tenant access the new user should now have access to OWA in their launchpad as well as access via / & Outlook thick client (All platforms).
    Note: If this was an AD sync'd user, now the user should be directed to change their AD password.


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