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How can I use the BMS/Vorex email parser and/or outbound email with mailbox that has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? 


The BMS/Vorex/VSA Ticketing/VSA Service Desk email parser uses the IMAP protocol, and outbound email uses the SMTP protocol.  If the mailbox account that you are using is configured with MFA, you can use an app password when setting up your email parser (IMAP) or your outbound email (SMTP) within BMS/Vorex. 

Here are some links describing the use of app passwords: 

Microsoft -

NOTE: Microsoft published Partner Security Requirements that recommends using MFA for mailbox user accounts.  This publication mentions the use of app passwords for IMAP and SMTP (see link above for details). 

Office 365 -

Google -   

If you are not seeing the email provider that you use, please contact your email provider. 


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