BMS QuickBooks | Error "Invalid account type" when exporting inventory items to quick books



Exporting items to Quickbooks fails with the following error : 

Item XXX failed to be exported. QuickBooks Validation Exception: Invalid account type: For an inventory product, the inventory asset account must have Account Type: 'Other Current Asset' and Detail Type: 'Inventory.'

Cause :

This error is mostly seen when your account types have an unknown value in detail type.

In your Chart of Accounts the Account named "Inventory Asset" may have Detail Type "Other Current Asset". This is not an acceptable account to be specified as an Inventory Asset Account.

Resolution :

- To fix this, you have to update the detail type of this Account to "Inventory".

-  If your Quickbooks subscription does not support the detail type change, Add the item manually in QuickBooks and set the asset account to be "Inventory Asset".


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