How to Add the QTY Available for a Product under Inventory

Question: How do I add the QTY available for a product under Inventory?

Answer: You can add a quantity for a product under inventory in two ways: 

1. You can go to Inventory > Stock Adjustment in order to adjust the QTY of the Products. Here you can create an adjustment every time if you would like to add a product to the warehouse:


2. You can create a PO and once you receive the PO then it will affect your Stock QTY. 

Note: To create a purchase order go to Inventory > Procurement > Purchase Orders and click on New (N) to create a new purchase order: 


Note: Once the PO is created, generate the PO and email the PO that you have created. 


After that, please go to Inventory > Fulfillment > Receiving Purchase Orders and click on edit option to receive the order:




Applies to: BMS.

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