BMS QuickBooks | Invoices failed to be exported


Invoices failed to be exported. There's an invalid reference to QuickBooks item sales tax.


The referred Tax Code is Invalid and does not exist in Quick Books


1. Make sure that you have Sales Tax enabled.

*From the QuickBooks Menu, select Edit, Preferences
*On the Left Nav, select Sales Tax. 
*On the Right Pane, select Company Preferences
*Make sure that Yes is selected.


*After checking Yes, select the Add Sales Tax Item button to add your Sales Tax Item.
*Make sure that your Sales Tax Name matches the name of the sales tax item created on the invoice.
*You also must identify the agency that you will send your sales tax to.

*The Tax Agency is a vendor. Complete the form with the pertinent information.
*When this information is filled out, try the invoice sync again.


If above steps fail, go to Step 2 :

2. Please check the invoice in BMS/Vorex and check what is the name of the Sales Tax selected on the invoice level.


Then in QuickBooks, you have to check if this Sales Tax Item is already there in the items list. For this please go to Lists > Item lists and check for sales tax item created.



If not created already then create one sales item similar to what you have created under BMS > Admin > Finance tab


Close the sync tool, then open it and try to synchronize the invoice again.


If it fails please send Kaseya Support the logs by clicking on the first tab i.e Sync logs from your QuickBooks desktop sync tool and then click on export logs to save the logs for further investigation





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