06/17/2024 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.102


Issue 1

This issue involved creating a training campaign with multiple courses attached to the campaign. When attempting to drag an Available course and add it to the end of the courses list in the Attached to Campaign section, the window would not scroll.

Now, when dragging a course, drop the course at the top of the Attached to Campaign window.

Then, in the Attached to Campaign section, click and drag the course. The window scrolls and you can drop the course at the desired location.

Issue 2

This issue applied to generating a PDF report. For organizations that had not uploaded a company logo, the data for the first target was displayed before the table column headings in the PDF report.
Before fix:

After fix:


Content updates

New phishing kits

New phishing kits are now available. Each is listed below (links to new kit) along with an image of its email template and landing page.

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