05/13/2024 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.99


Issue 1

On the Details page for each group, the link to the number of campaigns produced a 404 Not Found error. The link has been removed, resolving the issue. 

Content updates

New phishing kits

New phishing kits are now available. Each is listed below (links to new kit) along with an image of its email template and landing page.

New training courses

The following new training courses are now available in the Training portal:

  • Baiting: Learn about the social engineering attack known as baiting. 
  • Smishing and Vishing: Learn about the social engineering attacks through voice and text message phishing, known as vishing and smishing respectively. 
  • Tailgating And Piggybacking: Learn about the in-person social engineering attacks known as tailgating and piggybacking. 
  • Benefits of Multi-factor Authentication: Learn about the benefits of multi-factor authentication. 

Updated training courses

The following training courses have been updated and are now available in the Training portal:

  • What is an Insider Threat? Learn about the danger of threats that come from inside an organization. 
  • What is Account Takeover (ATO)? Learn how to prevent intruders from stealing your credentials and taking over your accounts. 


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