May 07, 2024

The May 07, 2024 release contains the following fixes and additions:

  • Updated the organization names for Cylance integration page to be sorted alphabetically.
  • Updated the links to KB articles across the application.
  • Fixed an issue causing the wrong toggles to display in the Advanced Breach Configuration modal for MacOS.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Windows agent to crash on restart.
  • Fixed a Windows blue screen with agent device driver.
  • Fixed a Windows agent uninstall remediation failure.
  • Fixed a Firewall Log Analyzer Palo Alto registration issue.
  • Fixed a Defender Manager App. status reporting issue.
Agent Version:
Windows Agent v1.5 Build 22534
RocketAgent.sys Version:
Microsoft signed 04/12/2024 
Application Versions:
  • Firewall Log Analyzer v. 1.0.154
  • Defender Manager v. 1.1.1

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