05/13/2024 - Dark Web ID v2.42.00

This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • When initially setting up or resetting 2FA, the QR code was not being displayed. This has been resolved and the QR code is now displayed.

  • Partner users with API role access may have experienced a response error when accessing the /services/organizations.json endpoint. This occurred because there was not a limit placed on the number of organizations that could be listed per page. This issue has been resolved by limiting the number of organizations listed per page to 200.

  • When an organization is disabled (Status = Disabled), the following changes for the organization will occur: Automatic reports will not be sent, tickets in PSA integrations will not be created, and clean bill of health notifications will not be sent. 

  • Greater security measures have been implemented for Live Data Search results displayed in the CSV report format.

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