Integrating BullPhish ID with Autotask or BMS


MSPs can choose to bill their BullPhish ID clients through Autotask or BMS. This feature is available when you integrate BullPhish ID with KaseyaOne.


Billing metric

With integrated customer billing for BullPhish ID, the metric on which billing is based is whether the phishing and training module is enabled or disabled. 

The metric details are described below:

  • Metric names: 
    • Training & Awareness Module
    • Phishing Module
  • Metric value:  
    • If a module is enabled, you are charged a flat fee for the security package.
    • If a module is disabled, you are not charged a fee. 

The metric names and values are not selected by the MSP. They are automatically generated by BullPhish ID and provided to Autotask or BMS.

Note: The metric value only indicates whether the module is enabled or disabled. It does not represent the number of clients for whom the module is enabled.

To integrate BullPhish ID customer billing with Autotask/BMS, the applicable organizations and services in Autotask/BMS must be mapped with those in BullPhish ID. See below.


Below is the Integrated Customer Billing Service Mapping page in Autotask. Instructions for integrating BullPhish ID customer billing with Autotask are in the article Integrated Customer Billing.




Below is the Add Service page in BMS. Instructions for integrating BullPhish ID customer billing with BMS are in the article BMS Finance | Integrated Customer Billing.

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