IT Glue Copilot Smart Relate

How does it work?

IT Glue Copilot is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations for IT teams. Developed entirely in-house, this feature leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), generative AI, machine learning (ML), and intelligent algorithms. The primary function of IT Glue Copilot is to auto-suggest relevant IT Glue items, ensuring that IT teams have quick and easy access to critical information.


Are you using my data to do this?

Analytics and data analysis are conducted on a per-account basis. We only analyze your tenant’s data, and the IT Glue Copilot model does not engage in any cross-tenant comparisons to generate suggestions. All analyses are confined within your own account.

Were any Third-Party models, components, or code used to develop IT Glue Copilot?

No, IT Glue Copilot was developed exclusively using proprietary models, components, and code, with no third-party resources involved. Your data remains securely within IT Glue's infrastructure, which is hosted on AWS and does not leave this environment.

Can I turn off IT Glue Copilot?

Yes, IT Glue Copilot is auto enabled by default, but it can be disabled by navigating to Admin>Settings>IT Glue Copilot. From there you can toggle off IT Glue Copilot.



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