Legacy Unitrends EndPoint Backup Upgrade Plan

Upgrade Path
April 02, 2024

NEW: No-Charge Upgrade for Your Unitrends EndPoint Backup Solution

We’re excited to announce upgrade paths to our new endpoint backup product offerings; Unitrends Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery (for Windows servers) and Unitrends Endpoint Backup for PCs.

These new solutions offer a far better backup experience compared to our previous generation of Unitrends EndPoint Backup, including enhanced features, improved disaster recovery functionality, better performance and a more intuitive user experience.

You are eligible for an upgrade to the new version free of charge. Please contact your Account Manager as soon as possible to begin this process.

With the release of these new technologies, and after careful consideration, we have decided that service for the previous generation of Unitrends EndPoint Backup will be discontinued effective June 1, 2024.

The transition is easy and free of charge, and your new contract will honor your existing price, which is a great opportunity for you. Once you uninstall the legacy agent and install the new Endpoint Backup agent, we will retain your legacy data for at least 30 days (without additional charge) to keep your data available under the old service while you build retention on the new service.

This is a major upgrade with significant savings and new, robust features, including:  

  • Instant Cloud Virtualization with Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery 
  • Longer retention options (Windows servers: 1 year, 7 years or infinite; PCs: 1 year) 
  • Image export with Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery 
  • Bandwidth throttling (both new services) 
  • Automatic, daily screenshot verification (both new services) 
  • More capacity per protected PC (up to 1.5TB max)

Please contact your Account Manager to initiate the upgrade process at no extra cost to you. 

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