Enabling Offline Mode SSO

You should remain on the same browser tab where the IT Glue application is active during the entire setup of Offline Mode SSO. This includes the processes of installing the sync service, logging into the extension for the first time, registering, and logging in within the extension, and until the data synchronization is complete.


SSO must be enabled for IT Glue to use Offline Mode SSO.
Note: If you're currently utilizing Offline Mode and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for authentication but intend to transition to Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication, it's necessary for users with Offline Mode installed on their Windows machine to reinstall the Sync Service.


  1. Navigate to Account > Settings > Offline Mode and toggle the Enable SAML SSO switch.
  2. Configure the SSO providers for Offline SSO.
    Note: Use the different SSO registrations for Online and Offline SSO. Issuer URL, SAML Login Endpoint URL, and SAML Logout Endpoint URL fields can have the same values. Fingerprint and Certificate fields should have different values for Online and Offline SSO.

    Note: When configuring the SAML Login Endpoint URL field for setting up Offline Mode SSO with Azure SSO, use the same value set in the User access URL field (screenshot below) from the admin center.
  3. Add the IT Glue Offline Mode extension to the browser extensions.
  4. In the Offline Mode extension enter the account subdomain and click Log In.
    You will be redirected to the Online SSO provider. 
  5. Login to the Online SSO provider.
    (For non-admin users only) Perform the following three steps:
    1. Click Request Access
    2. Your request is sent to the administrator for approval.
    3. Wait till the status shows Pending Approval and the request is approved by the administrator.
  6. Click Download Sync Service.
  7. Wait for the sync service to get downloaded and installed.
  8. Click Let’s Get Started and complete the security check.
  9. Enter the subdomain and click Next.
  10. Wait until the data synchronization is successful.

Login with Single Sign-On

  1. Navigate to the IT Glue Offline Mode extension and click Log In with Single Sign-On.
  2. You will be redirected to the Offline SSO provider.
  3. Sign in using your Offline SSO credentials. After a successful login to the Offline SSO provider you will be automatically logged into the IT Glue Offline Mode Extension.

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