Test email notifications

Unable to test notification because DGE is not listed in drop down for the "Test Now" for an action Profile

* Ensure the configuration is set up as per
* For devices monitored by a DGE Extension (DGEX), the actions are sent by the upstream DGE. That is the reason why no DGE is displayed
* Notifications may be tested using an alternative mechanism
* To proceed with the testing, kindly do the following: 

  + log in with the superuser account
  + navigate to Administration --> Actions --> Create New Administrator Action Profile
  + please fill in
  + Action Profile Name: provide any suitable name here
  + Notify Using: select 'Regular Email' from the drop down
  +message recipient - please provide a work address; please also provide a non-work address separated by comma, as in:,
  + click the 'Test Now' button

Please review when the email is received at the work address and at the non-work address

Please note: Admin Action Profiles are retired and must not to be used to configure alerts

Additional troubleshooting:

From the Upstream DGE, please review the file <TRAVERSE_HOME>/logs/action.log. For your test email just sent above, you should see an entry similar to:

2015-06-04 15:40:53,363 m.a.EmailAction[ThreadPool[ActionLauncher]]: (INFO \) Sent email message to for Sample Test on Sample Address (Unknown)

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