Tip: Grouping element or how are network interface tests grouped?

This pertains to SNMP tests such as on a router.


The "grouping" element is the label under which interface tests are grouped (for organization and to expand/collapse) in a Device Details vies where tests are listed. See picture.


The grouping element for SNMP tests is "auto" generated when a (could be any one of many - for instance an interface utilization test) interface test is first created. Subsequent tests created for that interface (such as say a Traffic In test) then is automatically grouped under the appropriate grouping element. The grouping element is derived from a combination of the test name - which in turn is derived from the interface description set on the device - and the test OID.

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    Daniel Szmandiuk

    The grouping of SNMP tests is a very nice and useful feature. Unfortunately, when tests are provisioned via the API (test.create) they are not grouped. This feature currently works for tests deployed via the GUI only.



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