Tip: API - test.update has different parameters depending upon the test type

In general - each test.update may be different depending on testType.

So for instance, the update command for testType xen is:

Test.update "testName=" | "testSerial=", "testType=xen", ["deviceName="], ["shadowWarningThreshold="], ["shadowCriticalThreshold="], ["slaThreshold="], ["interval="], ["warningThreshold="], ["criticalThreshold="], ["units="], ["actionName="], ["userName="], ["resultMultiplier="], ["resultProcessDirective="], ["maxValue="], ["xmlQuery="], ["resultExpression="], ["subType="], ["servletPath="], ["flapPreventionWaitCycles="], ["thresholdType="], ["timeStampMultiplier="], ["testGroup="], ["userName="], ["testResultMultiplier="], ["password="], ["loginName="], ["port="], ["protocol="], ["servletPath="]


whereas the update command for testtype snmp is

Test.update "testName=" | "testSerial=", "testType=snmp", ["deviceName="], ["shadowWarningThreshold="], ["shadowCriticalThreshold="], ["slaThreshold="], ["interval="], ["warningThreshold="], ["criticalThreshold="], ["units="], ["actionName="], ["userName="], ["resultMultiplier="], ["resultProcessDirective="], ["maxValue="], ["subType="], ["snmpOId="], ["flapPreventionWaitCycles="], ["thresholdType="]


Notice that each command supports specific attributes. Some are common to all test types - such as warningThreshold, while others are specific to the test type in question

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