Tests Discovered but not updating

If the status, results, and duration of all tests on a DGE Extension are all unknown this might be caused by the inability of the DGE extension (DGEx) to connect to TCP port 9443 on the upstream DGE.

This may be indicated in 'monitor.log' on the DGEx by an entry such as:

2014-07-14 19:25:31,089 dc.DCMessageConsumer[ActiveMQ Session Task-1]: (WARN) Unable to communicate with upstream DGE; Results will be stored locally while attempting to restore connection

This may be resolved by confirming:

  1.  the configured IP address of the upstream DGE is correct for this DGEx by navigating to 'Superuser->DGE Mgmt->Update'
  2. connectivity from the Extension to TCP port 9443 on the upstream DGE at the address specified in step (1). To do so 'telnet' from a Windows command prompt on the DGEx:

telnet upstream_dge_ip_or_fqdn 9443

or access the following URL from a web browser:


Once changes are made to the DGEx configuration on the web app, you will need to restart the DGE component on the DGEx for the changes to take effect.

Once this issue is resolved, the DGEx will be able to forward its test results to the upstream DGE as indicated in 'monitor.log' on the DGEx:

2014-07-15 14:01:29,723 m.d.DCTestResultMessageConsumer[ActiveMQ Session Task-407668]: (INFO \) Published 30 test results to upstream DGE
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