Transitioning to Kaseya EMM solution (for on-premise customers only)

This article is applicable only to those customers who are currently using the Kaseya Mobile Device Management (KMDM) and BYOD solutions in R8 or older versions of on-premise VSA.


Starting in R9, the KMDM and BYOD solutions have been replaced by Kaseya EMM as a VSA add-on, which provides a comprehensive set of device management, app management and BYOD management functionalities at a very attractive user-based price. 


If you are currently deploying VSA agents to manage mobile devices using KMDM, then we recommend that you upgrade to R9 and transition to the EMM solution.The EMM licenses can be purchased at the attractive user-based price to manage mobile devices. All KMDM agents will be released back to your VSA agent pool to manage client, server, and network devices. You can then re-register mobile users and devices in the EMM solution. 


If you are using the BYOD solution, then you may continue to use it until the end of your subscription. After that, you will have to transition to the EMM solution and re-register your mobile users and devices. 


Kaseya EMM’s integration with VSA and the combination of MDM, BYOD, and MAM capabilities will provide you with powerful mobility management capabilities. Please contact your Kaseya sales representative to plan your transition to EMM when you choose to upgrade to VSA R9 or later version.

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