EMM: How to remove a device from one VSA and register with another VSA?


When I am trying to register a device it gives me an error suggesting the device has already been registered


If in past, you had installed kaseya EMM apps using an invitation received from a kaseya server,the device would be registered with that kaseya server.If a manual uninstall is done and a new registration is attempted, you will see such error message


The correct way to remove and register a device is

1. Please browse to mobility>devices>click on all devices category>look for your device
2. select your device>choose delete from device drop down as shown in below screenshot


3. You can then manually uninstall kaseya apps from the device
4. Send a new invitation from new kaseya server(or exising one to reregister) to register
5. Download Kaseya mobile manage/workdocs/workbrowser apps and register using this new activation code


Applies to:

Kaseya R9 and above


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